Gary Numan -'' I am Dust '' Splinter Tour 2014 Highlight Video Australia

Stewart Munro on Vimeo

Gary Numan performing in Australia 2014. Footage is a mixture from Melbourne’s HIFI Bar and his show in Brisbane at The Tivoli.
Brisbane footage shot by Stewart Munro
Melbourne footage shot by Lindsay Brown.

Edited by Stewart Munro


Stewart Munro is a freelance videographer and video editor from Brisbane, Australia. Stewart brings his talents to all different forms of entertainment including music and extreme sports. He had a strong focus on BMX when working with sports companies and his affiliations include Colony BMX Co, ESPN, FUEL TV, and After his extensive work with the extreme sport community, Stewart decided that he wanted to put all of his energy towards music videography. Stewart spends a lot of his time videoing highlight videos of music festivals, such
as Beachlife Music Festival, and live shows for bands. His work also goes more in-depth and Stewart has been trusted and asked to film for behind the scene videos, interviews and music videos. Even though he has recently made the transfer to filming the music industry, Stewart has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Gary Numan, Calling All Cars and The Kingwoods. Stewart has a passion and expertise in the field of videography that not many others possess. With hard work and dedication, Stewart continues his life work and grows as a professional daily.